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Samorost 2 Walkthrough

If this helped you, feel free to click some of the google ads on the top of this page. I'm supposed to get a little something something for that, say the google people.

Click the pole. Your dog will push it. At the same time click your little man. He will swing and land.
Click the butterfly as it's coming up the wreck. Take the little bug and drop it on the leaf that emerges.
Ride your enormous bug cowboy.

Take dopie's bell and hand it on the branch next to the bird. It will leave its next. Click it and the pipe will fall out. Give it to the man.
Click the hollow hole under the stump where the man is sitting. Your dog will run in. Get it to drink some water and pee on the plant. Repeat as needed. Give the creature the bone and get the tobacco. Give it to the man. Click the firefly.

Go into the lighthouse and open the cupboard. Pour some coffee and water into the kettle and put it on the fire. Wait for it to bubble. Ring the bell and as the driver tilts his head pour the coffee into his mouth.
Get the balloon from the pump.
Go up the mountain on the left.
Hook the balloon on the nozzle in the upper left corner.
Pick that long plant and tickle the blob creature lying up on top next to the pitch fork.
shovel some food for the flying blobbies. Adjust the pipe above so that it's exactly above their sphincter, so that you catch the bubbles. You do that with the star like things beneath the pump.
Take your balloon and go back. Attach it to the pump. Get on the ship and jump to lower it. Pump first with the foot pedal and then pull the lever on the left side of the pump. If you reverse the order all that blob gas will be lost. Mind where you click.
Ring the bell to get your driver and fly home.

Use the comments for any questions.

at the end of majak. when i m on the ship, i jump, and then is there some specific time to wait between the foot press and the lever on the left? i just cant make it. Thanks ahead, Great Work!

"Pump first with the foot pedal and then pull the lever on the left side of the pump."

This is wrong. It's much easier if you first pull the lever. That makes the gas flow from the balloon to the tank. Then jump on the ship to lower it, and push the foot pedal to let the gas flow into the ship.

Ella - just wait that fraction it takes the ship to reach the correct hight (ie, the same as the pump). It does take a bit of timing - don't give up!

anonymous - what I wrote works, thus it cannot be wrong. There may be other ways to do it, and I thank you for sharing them. Everything I wrote is simply from my own experience after finishing the game...

I attached the balloon full of gas to the pump, but now I can't get the little guy to move to the ship. I clicked everywhere! What step am I not doing?

CS - To be honest I don't know. Did you follow all the steps I listed? Those worked well for more than a few. There's no reason they shouldn't for you...

i can's get the balloon from the pump, how do i do that?

You need to go down to the pump level. Then simply click on it.

yeah, i had some trouble with this too. here's what worked for me:

- in the blob creature scene you need 3 gas bubbles to fill the balloon.
- you should be able to click just to the right of the cabin on the taxi to get the man to go there.
- back in the taxi scene the sequence handpump, jump, footpump worked for me when no other would.

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